Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Native Fauna
...for the non-Australian readers.
In fact, it was my husband who suggested these.
As we wandered through the encloses at the theme park, he was heard to say, "Well, you'd better get some shots for those American bloggers you are in touch with."
Surprising really, as he does not seem to take much notice of the whole blogging thing.
However, I do suspect he regularly looks to see if I have posted anything about him.

Red kangaroo.

Hairy-nose wombat.


Koala, cute and cuddly.

Moi with a grey kangaroo.

I have just carefully looked at all the photos that were taken over the past week. Will probably not show the one of me (rather rattled), after stepping off this.
Off to bed now to recover from a very long car journey home, with two sick travelling companions, and two loud and funny (well they thought so) girls.

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Joy said...

Yay! You're back! Love the cupboard - I'm currently trawling ebay trying to find something suitably old and cheap to grab and do up. I have a buffet/sideboard thingy that needs doing, and thought I'd wait and do two things at that crazy talk? Did you give L any milkshakes on the way home? We too are heading up to Coffs soon for an overnighter. Looking forward to it!