Wednesday, July 22, 2009

His music makes me so happy
These holidays I have been trying to walk a bit more. (The body in its 40s needs a lot more attention and exercise!!)
I have been listening to Sufjan Stevens whilst striding around the district.
It leaves me feeling euphoric.
It is impossible to find an official music video for Sufjan (maybe there aren't any), but I found some videos posted on YouTube featuring an interview and set he did for a radio station.

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Megs said...

friends we were staying with in chicago gave us 'greeting from michigan' the day we went to michigan. it got stuck in the car cd player, which was fine by me as i just love sufjan. bens got a bit fed up, and got it out. then playschool got stuck. eowyn and coco were happy. bens and i were not. nobody could get it out, so playschool it was!!!!!!!!!!!