Saturday, July 04, 2009

My New Toy
Recently it was my birthday, and I was given money by several people to buy myself a new camera. It arrived in the post this week.
Tah-dah!Today is a beautiful sunny Winter's day, so I went out into the garden to play.

Spider webs on the bark of a gum tree.

Oliver and Zac picking oranges.
The girls - rather suspicious of me with the 'new toy'.
Zac collects an egg.

New buds on the magnolia tree.
Leaves on the paving.

Fruit on the lillipilli tree.
Pegs on our clothesline.
Somethings I need to do are:
* read the instruction book. I am the type of person that goes straight in before reading instructions, and then only refers to them if I can't work it out by myself; and
* remove the date stamp - it kind of ruins the photo.

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Philippa said...

Great pics Jen!!