Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Adventure With Other Sorts of Glue...
plus a bit more.

I began with a large map of America.

I worked out where I wanted the board to be placed.
Due to my fantastic maths skills, the piece of wood I bought was smaller than the map... I'm not sure how I could have been so convincingly wrong! So sorry to the outer states - you missed out.

Spray adhesive was applied to the board and the back of the map.

I made a crease to know where to place the board.

I then folded the remaining map edges over, a bit like wrapping a gift.

The whole thing was given several coats of a clear, gloss enamel.
I purchased, on eBay, lots of licence plates - I was going to use Australian plates etc, but let's face it, our plates are just not pretty!
(Our money is though.)

I screwed the plates over, or near to, their state.

I now need to glue some sort of backing on, and a way of attaching it to the wall.
I'll photograph the finished product, but after Christmas as it is a gift for Andrew.
I bought the licence plates from platexplorer.
And the map from All Posters.


Paul Merrill said...

I like it!

So if you want to come to America on holiday, you & your family are welcome to stay with me & my family!

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Priscilla said...

Very cool. I'd like to see the finished product. Looking forward to it.