Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pesky Possum... but oh so cute!

Last night, as I went out to tuck all the animals (the pet ones) into their beds, I was confronted by a hissing possum. I think he was hissing at Benni the bunny who lives on the deck.
He has been causing a good deal of noise over the past few months, barrelling down our roof, and sometimes falling onto the deck. I actually think there must be more than one as I don't think one creature could make so much noise.
Last night he was very bold and held his ground. He wasn't moving anywhere for a human brandishing a torch. He even let me move the fairy lights away from his feet - I didn't want the wires damaged by his claws.
And so I did a sweet and kind thing... I gave him a nectarine.
Bad bad bad idea, I know. Now he will never go away.

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