Monday, January 11, 2010

Road Trip - Day 2

Day two, after the obligatory McDonald's breakfast, was spent exploring some of the Victorian countryside and towns, and then finding our way into and around Melbourne.

We stopped in Glenrowan, famous for being the site of the bushranger Ned Kelly's last stand.

Whilst there we saw a show that depicted the events leading up to the capture of Ned Kelly, and then his time in goal (jail) and hanging. The show was animated, using life size robotic models and props. The kids were horrified!! Lauren especially spent the 40 minutes with her fingers in her ears, huddled next to me, physically shaking.

When we reached Melbourne, Madeleine managed to successfully navigate us to the caravan park where we were going to stay. Not knowing Melbourne at all, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised to find that its location only 2 blocks away from our friend Rachel's house, and on the end of the tram line. I couldn't have made a better choice.
The kids were excited to see the pool at the park, and made full use of it.

We went around to have dinner with Rachel and David, and made plans to visit the zoo with them the next day.

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