Monday, January 04, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are
It is one of my favourite picture books of all time - not only to read to my own kids, but with teaching as well. It lends itself to so many lessons.
I took my own children to see the movie these holidays. They were fairly ambivalent about the whole experience.
I went, really keen to see how the relatively short book could possibly be made into a feature length film, and was surprised.
For me it wasn't a 'feel good' movie at all. In fact, it was quite uncomfortable at times. But it was such a clear insight into friendship groups and how people try to fit in, and the hierarchy involved. There were an array of personality types represented.
I have since read reviews that talk about the characters representing the other people in Max's life - his mother, sister, absent father etc. At the time I did not think about this, but this is another level of looking at them.
Once again, a great tool for teaching...

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Sophie said...

I've never read the book but just the previews haven't really sold it to me. It seems quite dark for a children's film....would that be right?