Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the Love of Stationery
Last weekend whilst shopping in Canberra, we visited many stationery stores.
I love stationery stores!!
I visited my first Smiggle shop - a place spoken of with revered tones by a group of girls in my class - and was not disappointed.

Then we discovered Typo.
Oh heaven, with their wall stickers and wooden letters, their bird pegs and paper clips...

Some exciting news - I discovered yesterday a Typo store has just moved into a shopping center near me.
Yes, be expecting a lot of gifts to be bought from there now folks! (But not the rude ones.)


Paul Merrill said...

Both shops look like fun!

I'd visit the equivalents here, given the chance.

Joy said...

Hi I was at our local Typo yesterday with my girls, having a browse, and was dissapointed to see the fold back clips with nasty four letter words on them, at a height children can see. Unfortunately it turns me off the store in general - not least because it's in the spot where "Dusk" used to be....I loooooved Dusk. Smiggles is great, I checked one out in Chatty Westfield

Shelby Stidham said...

I think most girls would love to walk around in a stationary store, baking supply store, or a antique shop no matter what :)

Found you from Ryan Detzel. Like your blog :)