Tuesday, July 06, 2010

About Our House
We are adding an extra floor - 4 bedrooms and a bathroom.
Downstairs will then be remodelled - walls taken out or moved, a new kitchen and laundry.

I love watching the process, and marvel at how quickly it is progressing.
Although I did worry away during the night... What if the bottom collapses with the weight of the top going on? But I assume the engineers etc. who have spent time here over the past months have worked that out.

I am so looking forward to the process of decorating and arranging furniture again, although am not so keen on all the painting that will need to be done.


Joy said...

Hey, this looks fantastic! It's great you put the plans up, i love looking at plans and getting a better idea of what you're having done. When you say you're not keen on the painting, does that mean you're planning on doing it yourselves? If so, count me in, I love to paint!

paul merrill said...

Looks like a useful addition. The creative possibilities are boundless (well - constrained by budget, no doubt). Hope you get a result you are very happy with.

Priscilla said...

Are you having to live somewhere else while all this is going on?

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic Jen. Your house will be huge!