Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cockatoo Island - 17th Biennale of Sydney
We caught a ferry to Cockatoo Island, in Sydney's Harbour, to look around and see the various art installations there as part of Sydney's Biennale.

There were some interesting pieces of art... and some had unusual/verbose/strange descriptions about them.

I can't remember whose this was, or what it was called, but it was so much fun!
Shen Shaomin - Summit
"Shen has created a hypothetical meeting of the most significant communist leaders. Their life size corpses, arranged in a pentagon, rest in crystal coffins that reflect their nationalities. Castro, the still-alive exception, lies silently on his deathbed."
Oliver got a shock when he saw Castro was still breathing - his chest moves up and down, and there is the faint sound of breathing.
Kader Attia - Kasbah

"Visitors are invited to walk across them, but the difficulty of taking each cautious step over this uneven, variegated surface provokes a consideration of the successes and failures of the globalised economy and of the human ability to wrest a livable existence from nothing. Thus, walking tentatively over the work, one not only becomes part of it but also implicitly part of the economic and power matrix that creates these shanty towns."

We all enjoying walking over the roofs, but Andrew and Brent's enjoyment came from reading, puzzling, and dare I say, laughing over its description.

*** Robert MacPherson - Chitters: A Wheelbarrow for Richard, 156 Paintings, 156 Signs
"...consecrates the roadside vernacular of shop signs, placards and slang expressions ...blazons landscapes and gardening terminologies..."
The black and white was very striking.
Cai Guo-Qiang

"The installation of nine cars appears arrested in an animated sequence of explosion."

This was spectacular!


Brook Andrew - Jumping Castle War Memorial

"...its plastic enclosed turrets contain skull that represent those ofer forgotten peoples who were the victims of genocide worldwide. The diamond black and white pattern referenced the Wiradjuri culture and represents the experience of cultural amnesia and hypnosis."

The kids was sooo disappointed they were not allowed to jump!

All in all, a fantastic day out.

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