Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"This day has ended up being quite disappointing!"
A direct quote from middle child... but back to that later...

Today I took the tribe into the city for a look around The Rocks area, hoping to educate and inspire them, experiencing first hand what life was like for Australia's first white settlers/convicts.
The look on their faces on the train may indicate what was going to be in store for me.

The kids had learnt earlier in the morning, from one of our builders, that there was a pancake restaurant at The Rocks.
They became obsessed.
There was no way we were going to achieve anything else until we visited said venue.

But all began to feel quite ill.
As my Dad always used to say, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!"
We then began to walk off the calories, visiting a candle shop,
looking at monuments (and the such),

completing a quiz in a museum,

and visiting a puppet shop.

Andrew met us in town (a nice surprise), and we walked to Darling Harbour.

It was our refusal to pay for the numerous expensive rides that were available that bought the whinging from middle child (previously about walking too far, stopping too often etc.) to fever pitch.
Then the statement was made, on the way home:

"This day has ended up being quite disappointing!"
I can't win.

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