Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Bedroom for Each Child

 As I said, the main reason for our recent renovation was more space.

The girls were sharing a very tiny room, and fighting constantly.
Storage was a major issue. There was none.

Oliver was in the fortunate position of having a room to himself, and therefore, had more room than anyone else in the family to spread his wings.

The kids chose their rooms early on, from the plans.
Actually, it was more like this -
Madeleine: This room looks the biggest. I want this one. It isn't actually.
Lauren: whinging voice Why did she get to choose first... I'm having this one.
Oliver: I guess I'll have this one then.

Some bold and silly colour ideas were bandied around by the kids. I soon put a stop to that, informing them they could chose one wall colour only, which would only be painted on one wall.
They were all fairly clear on what sort of style they wanted. Both girls wanted white, scrolly, metal beds frames; both of which I bought on eBay. Oliver wanted the old bunk bed the girls were previously using, so we painted them white.
The best thing about the rooms are the huge built in wardrobes, that hide everything away.

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Anonymous said...

They look great! It's lovely to see where you live.