Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As most of you will know, 2010 was a BIG year for us.
We spent a lot of money changing our little house. And it has been worth it.

I thought I would now show you the results of all the construction and mess we lived with for 5 and a bit months over the next week or so.

This coming year I am going to re devote myself to our gardens, and restore them to a weed free, orderly state. And finish off all those bits of painting that still have not been done.


Paul Merrill said...

Congrats! A very lovely result. And well done for putting up with the stress in the interim.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic, Jenny. Well worth the effort. You must have stood in the exact same spot nearly every day to get all those photos:-)

I'm looking forward to seeing the inside.