Friday, January 21, 2011


What was once our room, the master bedroom, has been converted into a guestroom.

I love having a guestroom. I have wanted one for ages. I love being able to say... stay the night, we have lots of room.

It meant that my Mum and Dad could enjoy Christmas here without the long trip home in the evening.
It means babysitters can sleep over and we don't have to worry about how late the night is.
It means friends can stay after a party.
It means friends can come and stay for a holiday.

I love the combination of orange, pink and lime green at the moment.

The room used to look like this.


Laurie Anne said...

The rooms looks great, you are so lucky to have the extra space (I wish we did) Hopefully it will get a lot of use by friends and family.
I clicked on the "before" link and I love how you call it a doona. We call it that too and no one knows what we are talking about :0)

Anonymous said...

It looks gorgeous Jenny. You have done a great job. I'm sure your guests will feel very welcome.