Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The White Elephant Gift Exchange

I am participating in NGIP's Online White Elephant Gift Exchange Party.

However, this year I did not receive a white elephant gift, so I am falling back on something given a couple of years ago.
Hopefully enough time has passed that no-one will recognise my offering, and therefore be mortified by my re gifting.

Despite the glass turtle being somewhat of a white elephant gift, he has sat on the shelves amongst my CDs for a long time now. Every now and again I look at him and wonder what possessed anyone to buy him for me.

Glass turtle is going to Joy.

I will visit you glass turtle, to ensure your new owner is honouring you with a prime shelving position - it is only the respect you deserve.


Laurie Anne said...

Every Halloween our friends throw a party and we have a white elephant exchange. Oy, the stuff folks get :0)

Margaret (Nanny Goats) said...

So even in Australia, they have White Elephant Parties?

Please do let us know when you receive your gift as well, so everyone can come by and see it.

And good luck about nobody seeing you passing off the glass turtle!

Babs-beetle said...

It looks more like a baby seal to me :)

Mel said...

I think it's a seal...which is very good and a lovely gift to send to a woman.

Rachele said...

It's very cute. I'm sure joy will LOVE it...or give it up next year, lol. Can't wait to see what you get.

Thomas said...

"Glass Turtle" sounds like a euphemism for something kind of dirty. I don't know what, exactly. I'm just being inappropriate.

Joanna Jenkins said...

A turtle??? Are you sure? It kinda looks like a seal or sea lion ;-)
Glad you played along. I hope your gift arrives soon. I didn't get mine yet but it will be here Friday!
Cheers, jj

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OH, I think he is really cute... I love turtles. I would have proudly displayed it.