Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Camping at Little Beach

The kids and I have just returned from a rather wet camping experience a day early. Unfortunately our time away was cut short by incessant rain, and the dread of having to spend another damp night together in a small tent. (The term four man tent, is a complete misnomer!!)

We went to Little Beach to camp with a couple of friends from work, Tracey and Cath, and their children.
Tracey has camped there since she was a child, and still returns every year with lots of her relatives, staying for 2 weeks. Cath joined Tracey last year, and returned again this year.

Little Beach is a beautiful spot. A small and secluded camping area in the Bouddi National Park.

 sand modelling - a mermaid

 a face in the cliff
 looking at the rain from a cave
 beach cricket
 Tracey's well organised tent
 swimming in the rock pool

It was so lovely to meet some of Tracey's cousins, and to spend time with them and Cath & Tracey. Hopefully we will return one day in sunshine.

And a big thank you to Andrew who drove up early to help rescue us from the wet.

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Seraphim sigh said...

I think this is one of my favourite blog posts (although I did just find your "Blue Lagoon" blog post)