Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Recent Find

I recently discovered Geninne's Art Blog.
It is beautiful.

She posts something lovely almost every day.
Photographs of her own artwork, and places she has visited.
And she has an Etsy store.
It is full of gorgeous watercolour bird prints.

I am having trouble deciding which one I like the best.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art by Lauren

Lauren has been working on some canvases for my sister.
We gave them to her this week - here they hanging on their landing wall.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bon Iver vs Sufjan

"Bon Iver, you just qualified to be on equal first with Sufjan Stevens. Big call, I know..."
A quote from a deluded dear friend Stephanie - a quote that assaulted me at my waking this morning.
As I peered, bleary eyed from my recent slumber, it appeared from her facebook page she was still in the throes of post concert pleasure.
This must have been the explanation for such a BIG call.

I decided it did need some investigation however, and never having actually taken the time to listen to a Bon Iver track (unless it was incidentally played on Triple Js rotation) I thought I would take them (him??) for a test drive - ie. I listened to the self titled album to and from work.
From the very first track (Perth) I was hooked. And I must say, it is very reminiscent of Sufjan's music. I think that it has every chance of becoming a favourite album.

I'll have to listen some more... and take a look at the lyrics... but I don't know Steph - I think Sufjan will remain my very best favourite.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Peter Elfes

Peter Elfes has taken some truly beautiful photographs of Lake Ayre and the people who live in the area. He has an exhibition show in Customs House at Circular Quay at the moment. I would love to see it.

The Green Desert exhibition is a journey through time into the ancient world of Australia's deserts and the ever changing landscape of Lake Eyre in S.A. and northwest New South Wales.

It documents this ancient land with its infinite horizons and spectacular colours, as it transforms from an arid desert into the tropical oasis that it was millions of years ago.

It features low level aerial images with astonishing detail that express the beauty and vastness of this remote, environmentally and culturally significant part of Australia.