Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bon Iver vs Sufjan

"Bon Iver, you just qualified to be on equal first with Sufjan Stevens. Big call, I know..."
A quote from a deluded dear friend Stephanie - a quote that assaulted me at my waking this morning.
As I peered, bleary eyed from my recent slumber, it appeared from her facebook page she was still in the throes of post concert pleasure.
This must have been the explanation for such a BIG call.

I decided it did need some investigation however, and never having actually taken the time to listen to a Bon Iver track (unless it was incidentally played on Triple Js rotation) I thought I would take them (him??) for a test drive - ie. I listened to the self titled album to and from work.
From the very first track (Perth) I was hooked. And I must say, it is very reminiscent of Sufjan's music. I think that it has every chance of becoming a favourite album.

I'll have to listen some more... and take a look at the lyrics... but I don't know Steph - I think Sufjan will remain my very best favourite.

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