Wednesday, August 06, 2014

14th July

We spent a lovely day in Winchester. I think it was one of my favourite of our time in the UK.

To begin with we found our way to Sam and Becca's house and parked our car (very expensive to park in the city itself). It was great to see where they actually lived after seeing many photos on Instagram over the years.

We walked along the Itchen into the city.

 Oliver standing on the Butter Cross

 coffee stop

 painted bollards in The Square

After saying goodbye to Sam, Becca and Adelaide we spent some time in a museum looking at the history of the area.

We had a quick look around the Winchester Cathedral and met up with our friend Anthony, who happened to be in the UK too - he now lives in Minnesota and we hadn't seen him in ages.

Lunch was at the Bishop on the Bridge, a pub with a great outdoor area that looked down on the Itchen and the Old Mill.

After some more wandering around the streets we bid farewell to Anthony as well...

and had a brief look in the Great Hall.

King Arthur's round table

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