Wednesday, August 06, 2014

15th July - part 1

We arrived just on opening time at the Stonehenge visitors' centre. 
A very good thing as when we were leaving the site the line to buy tickets was incredibly long.

There is a new visitors' centre, museum and shop built quite a distance from the stones themselves.

To get to the stones we caught a shuttle car... very reminiscent of the movie Jurassic Park.

We chose to get off half way and walk through some fields looking at some very ancient burial mounds on the way.

I have wanted to see Stonehenge since my high school days, and found the whole experience quite moving. (In fact I found a lot of the history we saw in England moving - so ancient, so many battles, so many kings & queens I've read about in the past.)
We were also surprised at how close we were able to walk to the stones.

Stonehenge is perhaps the most famous prehistoric monument in the world. Begun as a simple earthwork enclosure, it was built in several stages, with the unique lintelled stone circle being erected in the late Neolithic period around 2500 BC. Stonehenge remained important into the early Bronze Age, when many burial mounds were built nearby. English Heritage

More of its history here.

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