Thursday, August 07, 2014

July 15 - part 2

After our exploration of Stonehenge we headed to Bath. 

There was a fair bit of arguing about who wanted to walk around the town, and who wanted to sit in the car and sleep/read. In the end the adults insisted that all members of the family walk through Bath, with the lure of ice-cream at the end.

We began with a walk along the Royal Crescent...

and then on to the Circus.

After stopping for lunch (pizza) we walked towards the Roman Baths and watched some buskers.

The cathedral was closed, but was still magnificent to view from the outside.

We had the promised ice-cream looking at the Avon River.

We stayed in a very sweet village just out of Bath with a friend from Andrew's school days, Andie, and his family.

Rachel and Andrew

Oliver helping Barney and Jemima (& Gabriel) with a craft activity 

Andie & Andrew discussing old times

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