Monday, September 01, 2014

July 19

Everyone was keen to spend the morning in at Tom and Anita's place, but I headed out for a walk around the area. 
I stopped at 221B Baker Street to have a look, and then walked and window shopped for a while.

Later in the day we all walked along Regent's Canal and into Regents Park.
Most stayed in the park for Eddie and Sebastian's cricket practice.

However Anita, Maddie, Stella, Reuben and I walked on and visited the London Zoo.

 favourite birds

 Galapagos tortoise

 the best animal spotted during the afternoon - the aardvark

 Kimodo dragon

stripey big cat who would not show his face

We had a hankering for Thai food (2 years without it in Tanzania will do that) and went to a  pub that catered for this craving.

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