Saturday, October 18, 2014

July 20

Our last Sunday in the UK - the girls stayed at Tom & Anita's house and watched TV while Andrew, Oliver and I caught a train to see the Tower of London.

One of the first things we noticed on arrival at the castle was the red poppies being installed in the moat. They looked magnificent.

(not my photo - taken from Wikipedia)

 I later read it was an art installation called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, and is a commemoration for all the soldiers who died during WW1.

We decided to join a guided tour, although it was hard to hear at times due to the volume of people visiting the castle.

waiting for our tour to begin near the entrance to the castle

the Traitor's Gate

our tour with a Yeoman Warder

We then lined up to look at the Crown Jewels. Very large and sparkly.

Next we conquered half the Wall Walk before needing a rest.

view of the Tower Bridge from the walls of the castle

Oliver trying out some weapons

Our last visit whilst in the castle walls was to the White Tower. The armouries were truly impressive.

King Henry VII's armour above & below

William the Conqueror's armour

After the White Tower we were completely exhausted and tired of all the crowds, so we headed back to Marylebone Station and Tom & Anita's place.

Katie came to visit to say goodbye :(
We were heading back to Australia the next day, and she was going back to Tanzania a few days later.

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