Saturday, January 03, 2015

String art - Africa

I saw a piece of string art while randomly looking around the WWW (it is holidays) and was inspired to make this.

I began with a piece of marine ply that I bought at Bunnings and cut it down to size. The piece cost about $15 and I only used half so plenty more for future projects.

I gave it a light sand

 my assistant never far away

... and then 2 coats of clear satin varnish.

There is a site called The Rasterbator that allows you enlarge an image to any size you like and then print it. I used this to enlarge my outline of Africa.

I chose some black tacks to use and spent a long time outlining my map

... and then using a thread line to create a border.

Then came the fun part.
Crisscrossing white 4 ply thread, filling in the spaces between Africa and the border I had made around the edge of my timber.

I am really pleased with the end result :)